5th Councillor Cup event on 14th Oct 2017

Subject : 5th Councillor Cup event on 14th Oct 2017

1. General:

Warm welcome to all SNGA members in this event! We have missed our founder chairman late Cllr Gam Gurung in our community and time to remember for him. Another way we have proud to say councillor cup due to he was all-rounder.

2. Aim : We remember founder chainman and run councillor cup on his name.

3. Instructions:

a) Co-ordinate – all program set by Deependra Lama however, all available SLNGA members give hand to make success.

b) All administrations jobs are going to do by SLNGA members so:

i) Invite guest – Advisor Chandra Gurung

II) Guest host by Owners, all SLNGA advisors and executive members

ii) Photographer – Deependra

iii) Local media – Deependra

iv) Music – Hasta and Utam Gurung

4. Timing –:

a) on 13th Oct on Friday at 1600 hours assemble in Haig home and collect tent and chairs

b) on 14th Oct on Saturday assembler at 0800 hours and set up as necessary

c) at 10.00 hours will be kick off for first round

d) Chief Guest arrives at 18:00 hours and final game followed by presentation.

e) At 7pm will be dismantle and conclusion all program

Yours kind help would be grateful

With best regards,


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