AGM Report (25th Feb 2017)

Subject: An information of SLNGA ‘past AGM /  election of new New comittee members & Forecast of Event from June 2017 to till Jan 2018.
Venue happening : At St ‘ Lawrence  community hall  Haig Housing  Green Lane Morden  on  saturday 25th of  Feb  2017.
 Respected  Current Chairman Ser Pun and all of Executive committee members, Former Chairman Mr. Nur Thapa and his team of executive committee members and all of the advisory members of SLNGA  , Honorary member  Mr . Roger Dai , advisory members  and all  of valued  members  , parents , brothers and sisters and  all of youths SLNGA,
It’s been a long time since we met to most of our valuable members at the recent meeting and ( AGM & Election ) as it was  taken place on 25th of  February 2017 at St Lawrence community hall Haig House  Morden as it held from 14:00 hrs  to till 22:00 hrs .
 Hope you are all doing well up until now & so am I ,
 Basically on behalf of SLNGA as led by newly  elected Chairperson Mr. Ser Pun  and I  in a capacity of  former   General Secretary & Currently  elected  senior  Vice   Chairman of SLNGA , I am delighted  to conveying this special thanks giving message  and short  information  on the above  given subjects  to the attention of all of valuable members .
Please  have a Note : Please be informed above  given AGM ‘S and   SLNGA’S new Election Reports  with the name roll of the  new  committee members  will be published  in near time for your  general   information  once  a team of new  committee members are to be  completed  on the ground of proportional areas wise.
However we are very thankful and would  like to offer our great- great  gratitude to our former Chairman Nur  Thapa and his all of team members  for   their  hard work and dedication  they had offered  towards  the  community  who successfully  led the association   up to  till 25 th of  Feb 2017 from 2014  until  they had been succeeded  by the new successors .
 Also many thankful to all of the advisory members for their hard work and dedication in giving best possible suggestion & constructive comments  to  Chairman  and his team of an   executive  committee members .
Also  we would  like  to give many  thanks to  Election committee  team as led by Founder  Advisor Mr. Lok Gurung as accompanied  by  Advisor Mr. Narayan Gurung , Member , Advisor Mr. Rag Purja , Member Mr. Thaman Shrestha and member Mr. Bishnu Suryabanshi  for successfully  electing  a best successful  candidates out of the members of SLNGA  to the position of  all of rank and files of SLNGA on Saturday  25th of  Feb 2017.
However  at the moment  I am  going to  give you  our forecast of event’s  time  table only  as it going to be  happen  from June   2017 to  January 2018  for  your early information.
1.    SLNGA   BBQ Party and Summer gettoghter  on : 10 th of  June 2017 ( Venue  to be  confirmed  )
2.    Teej Party: On 19th of August 2017  ( Actual Teej is on 24th of August 2017)
3.    Dashain Party:  On 22 nd of September 2017 at  Stanley Park High School  at previously held  Venue ( Tika 30 /09/2017)
4.    Councillor  Cup Football  will be happen at some  point on September 2017( to be confirmed )
5.    COMBO party  will be on 13 th of Jan 2018
However it could  be made  changed  in a  bit  by new  elected Chairman Mr. Ser Pun  if  it  need  to be  done so  to adjust with the good  timing and Venue availability.
 Thank you
 We are looking forward  to  see you soon with   The  Reporting  of AGM and election as it happened on Saturday 25th of Feb 2017  with a composition of new executive members as well.
Yours Sincerely
Khum  Kanwar