An appeal from Chairman Nur Thapa SLNGA

Subject: Appeal SLNGA- Merciless Earthquake devastated in our Homeland Nepal On Saturday Morning around 11:30hrs on 25th of April 2015.

Dear valuable members


Please , you are  kindly requested to spare your valuable  time  to take a look and think of into the below given information as we are currently experiencing as attributed by deadly Earthquake back in our beloved home land Nepal .


As the appeal has been sent by Chairman Nur Thapa to all in our association .


Yours Sincerely

Khum Kanwar



Please have an appeal from Chairman Nur Thapa SLNGA

Dear Advisors, executive members and all the SLNGA members,

Namaste and I am sure that you are fully aware of the current situation of our mother land Nepal. We hope, your relatives, friends and families are safe and fine back in Nepal. But our thoughts and prayer goes to families who are affected from the Merciless Earthquake that cost more human lives and properties in this modern society.

Please keep in touch with your relatives, friends and families through phones, Facebook and other modern means of communication to make sure that they are safe and secured around Nepal.


Dear members, We are planning to raise small funds/donation by our SLNGA sooner or later to give a small help for our countrymen back in Nepal during this devastating situation.

we will notify you after consulting with our SLNGA Executive members and advisors soon. Therefore, your small donation and help towards it would be humbly appreciated. Please update yourself by watching current news (NDTV 24/NEWS AND ALIJEERA & BBC) and pray for them.


O God, give them strength, courage to overcome the current situation and protect them. They are all your children and don’t punish them so hard that they might not trust you any more!!!!!!!

With best regards

South  London Nepalese Gurkha Association