Calling for the First meeting of new Executive & Advisory committee members

Dear SLNGA Members,

  1. Subject –  Calling a  First meeting of new  Executive  committee  & Advisory  committee members 
  2.  Date : on 4 th  of April 2017 at  19:00 hrs ( 7.00 PM)
  3. Venue : At St Lawrence  community hall  Morden   
  4. Please  Note : name list of  newly elected  committee members   have been given in the attachment file  below.
Respected  all of  newly  elected   Executive members  advisory  committer members  of   SLNGA, 
First of all newly elected   Chairperson  of SLNGA   Mr. Ser Pun is  very delighted  to say  congratulation  and  welcome to  all of newly elected members of  Executive  & advisory committee members  of  SLNGA as it happened  on last 25th of  Feb 2017 at St. Lawrence  community hall  Morden .
Also  Chairperson Mr. Ser Pun is , kindly would like  to call a first meeting of all of Executive  committee  & Advisory committer members  on the above  said date , time and venue .
  1Stly  the  aim of the meeting ,will be to exchange a  congratulation  to a every  newly  elected  committee members for  being  a Team  of  committee  members  who  is going to work hand in hand   for  next three years  for the  SLNGA .
2ndly  to  hold  a meeting  on the below   given agendas as it  was set  by previously out going committee members so we have to take  those of  below  iven points  into consideration 
Mainly  re- set a available  time , date and  venue  of   Summer BBQ because this  is  coming quite  nearer  to us , so  please  have a look on the below  given agendas ,
Also newly  elected  members   of  committee members  have been given in the attachment file  herewith.
Hope  we look foreword  to see you   at the meeting at  St Lawrence  community hall  as it has  been described as above  .
Yours  Sincrely
Khum  kanwar
Senior  Vice- Chairman 
Agenda will be as follows:

Welcome to new executive members and advisers
1.      Attendance :
2.      Apologies:
3.      SLNGA handover and takeover
(a)   HSBC account and signature of Authorization
(b)   Stores
(c)    Music
(d)   Sports
4.      Executive members adjustment:
5.      Events dairy
(i)                 Summer families get together Date: 10/17 Jun 2017 ?
(ii)               Venue: TBC
(iii)             Time: TBC
(a)   Armed Forces Day 24 Jun 2017
(i)                 Venue:
(ii)               Time:
(b)   Ladies festival Teej 19 Aug 2017
(i)                 Venue:
(ii)               Time:
(c)    Nepalese festival Dashain 23 Sep 2017
(i)                 Venue: Stanley Park High School
(ii)               Time : TBC
(d)   Laxmi Puja on 19th Oct 2017 – ?
(e)   Remembrance day 12th Nov 2017
(i)                 Venue:
(ii)               Time:
(f)     Combo Party on 13th Jan 2018
(i)                 Venue:
(ii)               Time:
6.      Any other business:
(a)   ………
(b)   ……..
(c)    ……..