Ex-Gurkhas celebrate being allowed to stay

“Johana Lumley after landmark victory”

A growing community of former Gurkhas living in Morden have applauded the landmark High
Court judgement to allow the Nepalese soldiers who fought for the country to settle in the UK.
Members of the South London Nepalese Gurkha Association, based on the Haig Homes estate for
former servicemen in Green Lane, were at a special party on Saturday to celebrate victory in the
high-profile case.

The Morden association had joined the campaign backed by leading politicians and celebrities
including Joanna Lumley and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, to fight for the soldiers. More
than 230 people involved with the group, including Victoria Cross recipient Tul Bahadur Pun and
Mayor of Merton, Martin Whelton were at an event in Sutton to mark the victory.

Revellers at the weekend event in the Thomas Wall centre also celebrated the traditional Nepalese
festival of Dashain with a feast of traditional food and music.

“It really is great news,” said Gam Gurung, Chairman of the association. “A lot of people including
some of our members had been hugely unhappy that they had to fight for Britain in two world wars,
or Iraq and Afghanistan and then fight to live in this country.

“We are all very loyal and hard-working people, not the sort of people who are coming here just to
claim benefits. We’re a strong and active part of the community and we’ll continue to go from
strength to strength, especially if this judgement paves the way for more Gurkhas to settle here.”

He added: “As an association we want to welcome new Nepalese families to the area and help them
find jobs, or even assist them in more straightforward things like opening a bank account or finding
the right school to send their children.”