Dear Advisors, Executive Members and Members,
As Dashain celebration is fast approaching therefore on behalf of chairman Mr Ser Pun I would like to spread this message.
As we all are aware that the number of attendees dectects the size of venue, food and other administrative aspects so we would strongly request all members to RSVP availability as soon as possible please.
We would also like to inform that, the 18 above children who have yet to take samajh membership would be considered as guest and will be charged for the entry accordingly. This is also to encourage for them to obtain membership.
All other administrative details will be published in due course.
All help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Deepak Hamal

Dear all SLNGA members
Namaste ….
I would like to inform you that emphasise to upade your membership. This Dasain party is strickly check membership and RSVP system. It will be released very soon our Dashain leaflet.

Please check events dairy in slnga website.