Many thanks for your kind donation in support of earth quake victim in Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam

Staff-in-Fundraising-for Nepal earthquake victims.

St. Helier University Hospital Carshalton

 Subject:  Many thanks for your kind donation in support of earth quake victim in Nepal ,

Sine  the  giant Himalayan Earthquake struck just  after 1100 hrs on 25th of   April 2015 followed by  another  strong quake on  12 th of May 2015 in Nepal ,   which took lives  of  more than 8000  people including  foreign and  local mountaineers, trackers and tourists  who had been visiting and  having  on to the  mountain trail walk  in Nepal.

Also it caused severe injuries to thousands of people and affecting livelihood of people   as much as to 8 million across the country.

The disaster, which was the biggest to hit the country since1934, which prompted not only the people across the  UK  to begin fundraising campaign  but also the generous staffs at the Epsom and St. Helier University Hospital Carshalton  have managed   to fund raising campaign and handed the donated  money  in to  Chairman Mr. Nur Thapa South London Nepalese  Gurkha association ( SLNGA)   on 15th of  May 2015 at 1400 hrs at  St .Helier Hospital’s main entrance by Madam  Jo Jo  head  of the  health care staff along with Mr. Charlie in support of earthquake  victims and their families in Nepal.

So on behalf of  South London Nepalese Gurkha association’s  members and children of Gurkhas ( COG) SLNGA , we members of executive  and advisory committee members as  led by  Chairman Nur Thapa would  like to extend  our warmest gratitude for kind and generous help   to Madam  Jo Jo , Mr. Charlie, Franca Serafini Anaesthetist in maternity who raised £280.00 by cake sale , Metie  Restaurant who provided  venue  to cater Charity Lunch in the  hospital  , and  our  Nepalese sisters  from  SLNGA who are working in  St.Helier Hospital  who  did very  hard work  to organise a charity lunch campaign in association with Madam JO JO and  Mr. Charlie.


At the end we ensure you that your every penny will be very precious to the people of Nepal who are  in

destitute  condition as  stricken by  Himalayan giant quake.

We are very gratefulness for  your help which would  be  greatly appreciated.


Yours sincerely

Khum kanwar

General secretary

South London Nepalese  Gurkha association  Morden