Minutes of meeting on 4th Apr 2017

Dear all slnga members                                  For details click here.

Namaste …
This is for your information in our local community minutes of meeting on 4th Apr 2017. There were discussed events dairy and few other points. I would like to suggest you that make it your off day in local community events day. Please see attached files minutes of meeting.
I am very sorry for late released this information due to over workload.
Please pass on to everyone those who are not using email or text messages in your area specially baba aamaa ani baje bajai haru and make support to local community work together.
There will be next meeting on 23rd May 2017 on Tuesday at St Lawrence Hall at 1900 hours. Welcome to all Advisory, Executive and General members in this meeting.
Look forward to seeing you on 23rd May 2017
Best regards
Ser Pun