Minutes of the Meeting 24th of May 2019



Date: 24/Mar/2019
Place: Tooting and Mitcham Community Sports Club.
Attendance list Mr Ser Pun.
Mr Prem Tamang.
Mr Deepak Hamal
Maj (Retd) Bhim Bahadur Gurung MVO.
Mrs Bishnu Kumari Gurung.
Mr Lok Gurung.
Mr Narad Gurung.
Mrs Meena Gurung.
Mr Thaman Shrestha.
Mr Ran Bahadur Thapa.
Mr Padam Bahadur Gurung.
Mr Tej Bahadur Shahi.
Mr Prem Bahadur Gurung.
Mr Surjya Bahadur Malla.
Mr Khum Bahadur Kanwar.
Mr Rag Purja.    
Apologies: Nil
Item Description Remarks
General The general meeting was officially opened by the Chairman Mr Ser Pun at 1200 hrs. General Secretary welcomed all members of SLNGA.Review of the agendas from last AGM.       Chairman
Summer get together     a. The date for the summer get-together has been earmarked for Aug 2019. The date has not been fixed yet.. b. Venue for the event will be at Tooting and Mitcham football arena.  c. Samajh will felicitate members and children for any achievements they have gained in academic or any other field. Therefore, all the members are encouraged to forward names of their children if any. d. Request to all available members to assemble on the day for fatigues. Time will be published in due course. All
Armed forces day Samajh will observe the Armed Forces Day. We would like to request all available members to attend the annual Armed Forces Day.    Venue- Opposite Lidle Shop.Date and time- 29th of July, 0900hrsSamajh intention is to provide light refreshment (famous aloodum?) on the day. Volunteers are most welcome.   All
Dashain Celebration It has been decided that the Dashain celebration will be on 5th of Oct 2019.It is decided that, only the essential guests will be invited thus making the guest numbers less than previous year. Venue is yet to be decided.Dashain instruction will be published in due course.A separate Dashain meeting will be held in later date. Chairman to organise.
Teej   Samajh will celebrate an unisex teej festival.All members male and female are encouraged to take part in this celebration.Venue- TMCDate- 31 Aug 2019.Separate instruction will be published in due course. Vice Mrs Meena Gurung to lead assisted by Snr Vice Khum Kanwar and Gen Sec.
Councillor Cup   Venue for the event will be TMC.Date is yet be confirmed.Samajh will purchase a tent which will be used for the event and other samajh events in future. Dipendra Lama. Tent purchase Gen Sec.
Remembrance Day All members are requested to attend this year’s remembrance parade.It is assumed, it will be held on 10th of Nov instead of 11th of Nov, as it is the closed Sunday of that month.All members are to assemble in front of St Hellier Church at 1030 hrs.Light refreshment will be served after service in Haig Homes hall. All
Samajh name change It is agreed that the name of our samajh needed to be changed. The present name is considered to long causing confusion in other organisations and communities. The new name came up by floor and advisors is GURKHA AND NEPALESE COMMUNITY (SOUTH LONDON).   Agreed.
Combo Party Combo party will be held on 11th of Jan. A separate instruction will be published in due course. Snr Vice Khum Bahadur Kanwar to organise.
Pavilion open day. Farm road pavilion open day is on 30th Apr 2019. Time-1400hrs-1900hrs. It’s a free entry and free food event. All members are welcome to take part in this event. All.
Opening ceremony The Haig housing had decided to name one of the residence block after Brave Gurkha Soldier Kulbir Thapa VC. All members are invited to experience this proudest moment of opening ceremony. Some past and present members of Brigade of Gurkhas are also invited in this event. It is also our intention to serve some light Gurkha food on the day. Date- 15th of Jun 2019. Venue- Haig Housing.   All
Any Other Business No other business was discussed. All
Meeting Close   Meeting was closed by chairman at 1400 hrs. Chairman