Pre-AGM Meeting held on 28-01-2012

Subject :    SLNGA –   AGM meeting – Vacancies are  open  for  all   of position  of  Executive  committee members 


Venue  :   Parish  community hall Morden


Time  : Starting from 1300 hrs  on 25th of  February 2012


Requested of Attendance:   All of members SLNGA  compulsorily 


  Dear all of valuable  and very respected ,members , didibahini haru and youths  , for   yours kind information actual   topics  of the  Agendas  on what  is  going to be  discussed  on the AGM  will be given in due time .



Information :   Pre AGM   meeting already held  on 28th of  January 2012:

 As you are aware  that our  Pre- AGM  Meeting which  already had taken place  in the House of  Vice  – Chairman  Narayan  on 28th of  January 2012 and  discussed  over the  following topics in a way of  preparation  for   actual AGM.


The  attendance  of members  in the  meeting are  given  below .


The discussed topics in the meeting  are as  follows,

1.     Select of election board committee :  Normally members of Advisory committee members and  one or tow person from  the floor will be nominated  to form the Board of election committee members as  agreed by  the  attended  members of  executive committee  on the meeting..


2.    Nomination of new Existing  executive committee members :  we are still looking for  numbers  of  volunteer   to  submit yours nomination to  act as a executive committee members after the election.


3.    Admin :   Light refreshment   will be catered  to all  of attendance  in the meeting , Unfortunately this time  we are unable to  provide  heavy messing  to  our valuable members however  we  are  still  keeping it  on hold .


4.    Input Agenda for AGM:    There  will be various kinds of  input will be considered  into effect  under this heading  , such as a matter of  active and  none active members ,  life members , and others various important  issuance  which directly  affect  on the interest of  community members .


5.    Store for  our  Equipment :   From now  on we  are hiring  one   of garage  for our  community storage  from  our  Haig Home  Trust   which cost for  £30.00 in each month.


The  attendance  of members  in the  meeting are as follows

1.    Mr. Cllr. Gam Gurung ( Advisor )

2.    Chairman   Mr. Rag Purja

3.    Vice Chairman Mr. Narayan Gurung

4.    Secretary Mr.  Khum kanwar

5.    Treasurer Mr.  Ser Pun

6.    Youth  Chairman  Mr.Nusar Thapa

7.    Executive members Mr.    Ran  Thapa

8.    Executive member Mr. Surya Gurung

9.    Executive member Mr. Bishnu Suryabansi

10. Executive member Mr. Uttam gurung

11. Executive member mrs. Sarita Thapa

12. Executive member  Mrs. Ram Laxmi gurung

13. Executive member  Mrs. Narmada gurung

14. youth secretary  Miss. Puspa Pun



1.    Mr. Niraj  Gurung        ( Advisor )

2.    Mr. Padam Gurung     ( Advisor )

3.    Mr. Indraman Gurung ( advisor )

4.. Mr. Lok Gurung       ( Advisor )

5. Mr. Thaman Sherestha   ( Executive committee members )

6. Mr. Gam Gurung -2   ( Executive member )

7. Mrs  Sushila Gurung  ( Executive members )




At the end  we are  eagerly  waiting to happen  the  very successful   the SLNGA  Annual General Meeting  in which new members of executive committee will be selected  on 25th of  February  2012 for next term.


We  are looking forward  to your  kind participation  and  sincere help  which is  most appreciated.



Khum kanwar