Sincere thanks to those who attended the charity lunch events on 30th of May 2015

Subject:  SLNGA- Grateful and conveying of  sincere thanks to all of participants in helping to earthquake victim in Nepal by attending at charity lunch events on 30 th of May 2015  .

 Venue  of  Charity  Lunch happening : at Bow Lane Scout CentreLower Morden Lane Morden SM4 4SJ .

 Dear valuable members , parents , brothers, sisters , youths Ladies and Gentlemen ,

As we are still be experiencing a trauma and sheering pain in our heart as left on us  by two Himalayan giant quakes which  devastated by killing more than 8500 people and injured thousands of people ,also it affected as many as of 8 million people back in our home land Nepal .Firstly the 7.8 magnitude quake started to happened on 25 th of April 2015 at 1156 hrs was followed by a 7.3 magnitude aftershock on 12 th of May 2015 that also killed 60 people.

The disaster, which was the biggest to hit the country since 15 th of Jan 1934, which prompted not only the people across the UK to begin fundraising campaign but also SLNGA in associated with Children of Gurkhas ( COG) had  been heavily  involved in carrying fund raising  programms in different  dates , time and venue also  by opening online service too.

 The  specialty  goes mainly to COG  who  managed  to collect every bits of necessary things  like cloths , tents, and  medical kits  for  needy people to Nepal which most of  them have already been sent by means of  cargo.

Like this way in course of charity work , the SLNGA organised a charity lunch events on the above dates and venue  which was heartily  sponsored  by Mr. Surendra Rana  Munal Restaurant Oyesterpark for 200 people.

Therefore  on behalf of  SLNGA Chairman Nur Thapa along with members of all executive committee members and advisory members would like to extend many thanks and big  gratitude to all those who attended in a Charity Lunch event  was  organised by SLNGA which was  sponsored by Mr. Surendra Rana Wyester Park restaurant .

But also big credit have always been spared  to very generous people from our  side ( SLNGA) for heartily donation to  quake  victims .

Somehow  in regards to  Charity lunch matter  the special thanks goes to two generous life  members  are  Mr. Surendra Rana Munal Restaurant  Oyesterpark for providing lunch for 200 people   &   Mrs Sarita Thapa Haighome Morden  for providing  vegetables  & rice  at free of  charge  for charity lunch purposes.  


1.    Mr. Surendra Rana Wysterpark Resturant who provided food for 200 people in the charity lunch.

2.    The Children of Gurkhas who supported and still supporting in every bits of time to SLNGA in raising charity via on line and collecting things ( Cloths and buying medical things , tents etc ) and sending for the needy people in Nepal by Cargo .

3.    All our didi bahini haru working in Epsom & St Hellier University hospital for collecting handsome donation in hospital .

4.    Many thanks to Mr. Ser Pun who helped out to COG in collecting donation at his work place in Wallington ( school )

5.    Many thanks for all the people attended in Charity Lunch as organised by SLNGA.

6.    Many thanks for our daju bhai didibahini haru for doing hard work to make successful charity lunch party .

7.    Many thanks for Mr. Bishnu Suryabansi for arranging a drinks at very cheap price .

8.    Many thanks for Miss Suprima  Gurung for doing photography job  in the event.

9.    Many thanks to Mr. Jhumkaji Gurung by donating $150.00 in the way of FUN game, was auction of Gen  secretary’s trouser.

10. Many thanks to Mr. Uttam Gurung ( Executive members ) for setting up and controlling the PA system.

11. Many thanks to 100 london marathon  to Brighton  team of five namely  Nusajan Thapa , Sanoj Thapa,Impresa Shrestha,  Sushil Kanwar and  Namikson  Gurung for different  cause and to raise money for them.

12. Many thanks for COG again for setting up a stall and selling Pani Puri and Mofin to collect money for Trail worker of 100 km is going to take place in soon in next month or so.

13. Many thanks to didi bahini of SLNGA executive members for cooking and organizing a food court also thanks to Mr Tej Ghale for making  Salad with didibahi haru.

14. Many thanks to Mrs Sarita Thapa for manning raffle draw events for charity collection.

15. Many thanks to  our Treasurer Prem Shrees for maintaining  good accounting and finance matter.

16. Many thanks to 1st Lower Morden Scout  Group  for donating £100.00 in charity.


Finally the aim of the event was to collect a donation and it managed to collect handsome donations which will be sent to organisations helping people in Nepal.

Also, we would like to thank all the members who volunteered to setup the event, especially the youths from COG( Children of Gurkhas) who setup food stalls to collect funds for the cause.

At the end SLNGA greatly appreciated to all of people who have been contributing their time and best effort from the beginning to this for good causes .


Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Khum Kanwar

Gen secretary’

South London Nepalese Gurkha Association