SLNGA AGM Held on 10th March 2019 concluded Successfully

Dear all slnga Advisors, Executive and General Members
Namaste …
I would like to many thank you everyone those who were attended our community Annual General Meeting. It was very surprised for me due to huge figures were attended. I hoped everyone understands and enjoyed. My presentation was little bit longer, so sorry due to many commitments. If you are thinking it is just “ bagbas” please ignore it.
Special thank you:

  1. Attendee
  2. Administration group Bishnu, Thir, and Tej
  3. DD and bainis supply tea, coffee, and foods
  4. All daju bhai well organised seating plan and fatigues
  5. and many other unable to pick up
    Minutes of meeting will be released in due course.
    See you soon
    Ser Pun