SLNGA- Annual Summer Get Together – BBQ 2013

infirmationSUBJECT: SLNGA- Annual Summer Get Together plus BBQ on Saturday 1st of Jun 2013



Bowlane Scout Centre

Lower Morden Lane



View Map as below:

Dear all of respected & valuable members  and youths of South London Nepalese Gurkha Association     ( SLNGA) didibahini haru, friends and families . With utmost sincerity I am going to inform all the details of upcoming SLNGA summer get-together which is coming to you  on 1st of  June 2013 at the aforementioned venue.

So far it had already been  planned  in the  AGM on 9th of  March 2013 , but the main details of  BBQ were  laid out at the  meeting  of Executive committee, which took place on 5th  of May  2013  in the House Chairman Mr. Rag Purja at Green lane HaigHomes. 

 The aim of the Summer BBQ will be ,


1. To get together with members and their dependants, friends and families in order to enhance and revitalize our friendship and unity among the members and beyond.


2. To collect the membership fee ( new ) and renewal fee for the SLNGA treasury.

The condition of renewal fee matter has been laid down in  the  SLNGA’s   constitution  as  it already housed  in the  SLNGA’s  website on the  www.

The General information of Summer BBQ Party are given herein,


1 . Health and safety :

The party will be extended from a small hall to outside back ground which sounds to be fairly good to be at  there for get together  itself.

However, it is advised to draw your sincere attention to take extra care of yourself and your children while partying at around hot fire stand.


2. Security :

Police or necessary agency will be called in at the event of any eventuality. Actually Police will be informed  before the  event  will be  taken place .


3. Sanitation and Hygiene :


Everyone is requested to remove your rubbish off the table afterwards so as to make healthy and friendly environment to another colleague that may occupy your seat.


 4.      Medical

With  a view  of in growing number of elderly people and children around  and having a BBQ party in the  Summer  time ,  hence an extra measure  of attention  will be  given on  them  in term of  medical  safety  has been put  in place.

5 . Venue facilities:

a, Car park

Dear members you are advised to park your car in the  car park available only ( Not  along the road to the  Venue  facility )  which is  free of cost and it is  situated   approx 100 yards

away to  the opposite  direction  towards Newmalden side before heading  on to the Venue area    from the Road side .


b, Party Venue

The party hall almost accommodates around 200 people both inside and outside , It has  got toilets and kitchen  facilities as well.

Please have a few notes on  :

 1.     Chutney:

Every house hold members are requested to bring in a little bit Chutney  of any things, or  Aludam to  your own choice  while  you are attending in  the  get together.

Hope  in doing so it  will  make  more  differences  than previous     one  and  saves   our        time as well.

2. Guests Treatment:

This is a get together of a members with in  the SLNGA  only so all members are requested  to  try not to bring  along yours  friends  or someone  as  a guest to  those of  people who  has been living  for a year  within the  SLNGA area, ie Morden, Sutton, Rose hill, Carshalton, and Wallington.

Alternately,  you can bring along your guest or love one  who are  coming from  far away,ie  from  Aldershot,  Reading or  elsewhere.

But everyone is welcomed to be part of our get-together by paying  off   your  outstanding Renewal fee or  by undertaking  a new membership from  SLNGA as well.

3.      Renewal of membership and Life membership fee :  as per constitution

Firstly  you are requested to drop yours renewal fee off  into  the following account at yours time before summer get together & BBQ is to be happening  on 1  st Of June 2013 to make  free  of  hassle on the BBQ day.

he account is : HSBC Bank Account holder’s name Mr. S. B Pun Sort Code 40-35-45 Account No :01 46 59 29


While you are dropping your  money off  into  the above account , thereafter you are requested to give your name as a reference to  the Treasurer  for  identification purposes  so he/she will know who you were. ( please see  a condition of membership & it’s  renewal on the  Webpage of SLNGA  on  the //


 Secondly   If you are  unable  to  drop your   renewal  fee  off before  BBQ happen on 1 st of  June 2013 , then you alternately be  able  to  pay off your’s renewal fee  on  the  BBQ day  at the  entrance  to  the Venue.


5.      Entertainment :  Overseen by  Ent Executive  Mr. Uttam  Grg and Mr. Kiran Subba

a,    In this year there will be  no got talent types of competition  in this   BBQ party.


b.  There will be  no raffle draw  either or a  lottery  too  will not be drawn in  this BBQ Party.


C,  But  in this  BBQ party  every body is requested   to  be volunteer to perform your  own  way of pleasure, for example , sing a song , dance , Kabita bachan ,  Chutka,  Joke and so on .

d.  SLNGA’s   boys  Band ‘ New Biss ‘ is requested  to perform  couple of  songs

Name of artists :

1.      Mr. Nusajan  Thapa

2.      Mr. Roshan Thapa

3.      Mr. Prabin   Kanwar

4.      Mr. Prabin Gurung#

5.      Mr. Dennis  Rai  and   friends as well.


e,  Mr.  Bikram  Ale is requested  to perform Kabita bachan & haseuli.


f, Mr. Dipak  Hamal is requested  to perform Chutka ko Jhataro.


g,   In addition  our Member Mrs  Pampha Gurung  is voluntarily  organizing a LOK  DOHORI  in the  BBQ  party in order   to give  exclusive  entertainment to all of us.


eRe-mix types of  music will be played  on throughout  the   party  except  on the  break period as it  will  be  compensated  by other  stage program .


6. Food & Beverage ‘s  price   ( ticketing )

Please be informed drinks is not included with  the chain of food price and it will be sold in a  cash sell basis as approved by  the meeting.


(i) Food Price  

a, For members £10.00 only

b,For  guest  £10.00

b, Up to 5years free of charge

c, 6 to 12 years £ 5.00

d, Vegetarian £8.00

e, 12 years and above £ 10.0


(ii) Drinks

All kinds of drinks  will be sold out at cheapest rate  as the prices are given below,

a, Soft drinks any kinds of   :.50 pence

b,Beer                                   :£1.00

c, Whisky                             :£1.50 pence

d, Wine                                 :£1.50 pence

d Water                                :.50 pence


(iii)  Dal & Bhat

Dal & Bhat  will be cooked in the  Venue .



7. Administration

Chairman Rag Purja  & Vice Chairman Mr. Narayan and Mr. Ran Thapa will thoroughly  be overseeing the  on going  party happening in term of admin and  on other miscellaneous matters.


8 Special details and tasks

a,  Decoration :  Vice  Chairman  Ran will be responsible  for decorating  the venue  including to  erecting of 2 x tents  which will be  acquired from Mr. Paul Mcdonnel Haighome.  BBQ stands will be collected from somewhere else.


b, Vice – Narayan  will be responsible for BBQ , he then will have  been assisted  by Mr.  Krishna  Dhoj ,   Mr. Khem Grg and MrBarman.


c. Ladies Executive members are requested to prepare rice and   dhal  in the party hall.


9. Transport & Drinks managements:

Drinks IC Mr. Thaman Shrestha is requested to  hire a Van as last year to do delivery and transportation of goods and drinks for the BBQ party.

You will be helped out by Mr. Surya Gurung ( 4108) and Mr. Gam Gurung-2 and Mr. Chunak Gurung


10. Renewal stands :

This will entirely be managed by Treasurer Mr. Ser Pun , he will be  assisted  by Ms  Puspa  Pun.


11. Ticketing stand:

This will be manned by Mr. Gaulochan Shahi , he will be  assisted by Mr. Prem Shiris and  Mr. Sushil kanwar.


12. Area representatives for strength collection:

a, Mrs. Sita Shrestha ( Green lane bato mathi Haig Home office side ) )

b, Mr. Bishnu Suryabansi  bato Muni green Lane Morden

c. Surya Gurung Morden   & Khem Gurung   Morden  area .

d, Mr. Ran Thapa -New malden and Worcester area.

e, Mr. Khum – Sutton area

f, Mr. Lok Gurung and Mis Puspha – Wallington area

g. Mr. Ram Gurung ( St. Hellier area )

 9. Trade :

The trade for individual interest will not be acceptable, unless it help the community at some extent.

 10. Co-ordinated timing:

At 0800 hrs : All of available  members are requested to assemble at  Haig Home  Office area  at Morden , thereafter  we will  do fatigue and other bando and tasking as well .


At 1100 hrs  The  BBQ will be  commenced  at Bow Lane Scout Centre, Lower Morden Lane,Morden SM4 4SJ

All of proceeding program will be going ahead  as   per plan until closing time.

At 1500 hrs as recognition of life membership  will be  presented  to life members  of SLNGA

At 2000 hrs  dismantling  of tents and chairs  including a area clearing will be commenced.

At 2030 hrs music playing will be come to be stopped.

At 2200 hrs  The  Venue  will be  completely abandoned  by all  partygoer after  handing the  venue back to it’s caretaker.

 At the end we  would look forward to see  you all  soon  in the BBQ party  at above  Venue  to make the party as most blissful and successful one .

The attended figure of Executive body and Youth Executive bodies in the meeting held on  5th of May 2013  in the house of Chairman Rag area as follows,

1.      Chairman Rag Purja

2.      Vice  Narayan  Gurung

3.      Gen Sec Khum Kanwar

4.      Treasurer  Ser Pun

5.      Excutive Member  Uttam Gurung

6.      Excutive member Mr.  Bishnu Suryabansi

7.      Excutive Member Mr. Prem  Pakhrin

8.      Excutive member  Khem Gurung

9.      Excutive Member Mrs Sita Sherestha

10.  Excutive member Mrs. Ram  Laxmi Gurung

11.  Member   Mrs Santi  Purja


Conversation  with

1.   Cllr Gam Gurung  ( Advisor )

2.  Advisor  and coordinator . Lok Gurung

3. Executive  member  Thaman Sherestha




1.      Advisor  Mr. Niraj Gurung Morden – engaged  at different meeting

2.      Advisor  Padam  Gurung  Morden Advisor

3.      Advisor Mr. Indra man Gurung

3.       Excutive  member Mr. Gam Bdr Gurung   – Excutive  ( duty)

4.       Excutive member Mr. Surya Bdr Gurung  Morden  – Executive  ( duty )

5.       Excutive memberMr. Kiran  Subba   Carshalton – ( Duty)

6.     Excutive member Mrs Sita  Gurung   Rose hill ( work )


Khum Kanwar
Gen Secretary