The minutes of the AGM

slngakogo600x150South London Nepalese Gurkha Association ( SLNGA)

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2012/ 2013

Date held on Saturday 9th March 2013

SLNGA –AGM Program- 2012/2013

Venue : At St Lawrence Weaver hall Haigh Home Morden

Time : From 1400hrs to 1800 hrs


63 x people had been attended in the meeting comprising of Advisory members, Executive, members, youths Executive members, respected attended ordinary members, their parents and dependants.

The list of above persons has been attached in after the AGENDAS at the end of this details of Minutes.


6 x members are given after the attended list ( advisor and Executive members )

Phase: 1 -AGM Opening

General Secretary Mr. Khum opened AGM 9th of March 2013 by delivering a welcome to the attendee and introduction of AGM 2012/13 in brief.

Chaired the AGM Committee,

An initiation of chairmanship of the proceeding meeting was established which was comprising of others 2 x committee members from the Advisory committee , known as Election committee of the day

Mr. Deb Bahadur Gurung was presided as Chairperson of the meeting .Advisors Mr. Lok Gurung and Mr. Indraman Gurung had been elected as committee members of the day of AGM 2012/13.

Reason being was , the youth election was to take place after AGM . After all it had been postponed until the next meeting to be dated due to be low turnout of youths in the proceeding meeting.

Phase: 2 – SLNGA ‘s Annual Report 2012/2013 from Executive members

Following given executive members and Chairman Rag presented their annul achievement reports of the year in their specific assignment and responsibilities had been entrusted to them by the association.

1, Financial Report – Treasure Ser Pun

He presented all the detailed and transparent knowledge on financial audits of SLNGA.

Also presented a thorough knowledge of each transaction which was spent on each party function to have taken part by SLNGA within the last fiscal year of SLNGA.

2, Sports- Executive Member Bishnu Suryabansi / Sanjaya

Sport IC Mr Bishnu Suryaban & Asst A sport IC Mr. Sanjiva Gurung presented a progressive yearly report on the game and sports as taken part and achieved by our Morden youths in different Tournaments as taken place at different places and time .

Music –Executive Member Uttam/ Kiran

Ent. IC Mr. Uttam Gurung pointed out how important the music instrument would be for us which significantly play a vital role to bring a lively atmosphere in the party and function.

But at the moment we are poorly equipped with such of instrument however we did it.

Food – Executive Member Khem

Food IC pointed out that there was always having problem with food management on each SLNGA’s party and function due to difficulty in the collection of name from the member.

So in the actual day there would have always been a differences in great deal in between the turnout of people and to that of previously collected name from the members.

Youth – Youth President Nusajan

Youth President Nusajn presented a progressive a report of youth‘s participation in the different field specially on the sports and collectively taken part in the SLNGA’s get-together and functions. However he suggested there is still to be done more about to bring the all of youths together.

He also announced the dissolution of existing youth committee, because of their two year’s tenure have been just exterminated and new team will be formed up just in due course.

Phase 3 :Annual Reports 2012/2013 by Chairman Rag Purja

Date 9th March 2013

1. Apprentice course 18-21 age group 27 youths received pounds £725.00 each.

Apprenticeship course taken place on various subjects as Health & safety , Security Guarding, vehicle search , receptionist training and various subjects . It was all Government’s package and course had been run by SLNGA in coordination with Gurkha Global security6 Services Re3ading & Chechestrine College East Essex .

Age Group 16 to 19years.

BATCH NUMBER 09/2011 (MORDEN) – AS AT 28 JULY 2011 (26072011

It was started on the September 2011 and came to end on the month of April 2012 . 12 x weeks long course but it happened only on Saturday & Sunday , Some time there was not hall available . So started this course in Morden and finished at Walling ton. For two days students got paid £75.00.

37 x Students each received £725.00 apart from hall charge , tutor fee and caretaker of students.

2. Obituary Mrs Juthi Pun 77(Mother of Taklal Pun) and Mr, Khadga Gurung (Father in law of Ganesh Gurung)

Mrs. Juthi Pun -77 Kingston a mother of member Mr. Tak Lal Pun passed away on Tuesday 22nd of May 2012.

As a members we ( SLNGA raised the donation in help to Mr Taklal and handed in to him. it was a sum of £ 954.00 .

Mr. Khadka Bahadur Gurung 84 passed away on 27th of May 2012 , the father of member Mr Ganesh Bdr Gurung Haighome Morden.

However the donation money was not raised at the request Mr. Ganesh Gurung ( member) .

3, Summer BBQ.

On 16th of July 2012 SLNGA has had a BBQ party as happened at Bow Lane Scout Centre,Lower Morden Lane Morden SM4 4SJ , which was good to be there.

4. Armed Force Day (AFD) Merton council.

SLNGA took part on the Armed  Force  Day  Parade  30th  of  Jun 2012

Assembled in the car park of Morden Civic centre at 0900 hrs and marched past to St Lawrence Churchy Morden .

Comedy show (Takme Budho) by youth.

Nepali young hasiya kalakar Mr. Wilsonm Bikkram Rai known as Takme Budho in

Meri Basai Nepali Teli episode and new Singer Miss Situ Kharel are coming to perform their show ( Comedy  & concert )  for  all of us

The show will be taken place on Sunday 19th of August 2012


: From 1700hrs to 2200 hrs

Venue _  Thomas Wall Hall 52 Ben Hill Avenue , Sutton, SM1 4DP

Ticket  Price :  £ 10.00  only for each person.

6. 2012 Olympic Youths job (Khum)

On the month of April 2012 SLNGA ‘s secretary Khum organized a recruiting management to be a Security officer for the London Olympic 2012 in Co-ordination with G4s FSI Operation Manger Mr. Bhuwani Pandhak ( Maj Ex- 2RGR ) .

Most of successful applicants abled to have access to free of training and SIA License as well at free of cost , on the top of that they got the job in the Olympic even if it was short period only.

7, SIA level course and apprenticeship course for different subjects for18-70 Age group 26 attendees. Batch No 16/07/12 GGSS (Part of Government’s Project)

SLNGA run this above course from 16th of July 2012 which supposed to last for two weeks long . But it was extended to till 1st week of Feb 2012 ( Break in the mid course ) For this course SLNGA coordinated with Global Security Services Reading ( GSS) and West Essex College .

40 x student benefited out of it. Each received £200.00 for this course apart from Teacher fee, hall charge and security or caretaker man.

8, YETI Foot ball Tournament Morden Youth 2nd Runner up.

Congratulated  to   SLNGA     Morden United  Youth   Football  team  who participated   and achieved  2 nd  place  in Yeti Football  Tournament  UK

Date Tournament held :   On 28 th of July 2012 at  Green Ford London as organised  by Yeti  Nepalese  Association

So SLNGA praised their achievement by presenting KHATA to each participants

09, Miss UK pageant participate (Miss Namrata Purja)

Miss Namrata Purja had participated on Miss UK beauty pageant on then month of August 2012 was held at Aldershot.

10, Social evening club to all age groups every Tuesday 5-8 pm.

We ( Advisory & Executive committee ) requested in a written form to Housing Manager Haig Home Morden to use the St. Lawrence Weaver Hall for social evening for all ages from SLNGA on specific time on the day to availability .

Chairman Rag Purja , Youth Chairman Nusar Thapa and Gen Secretary Khum Kanwar had signed on the application then forwarded it to the attention of Dobson House Haig Home .

Consequently it was granted to use the hall from Sept 2012 on every Tuesday from 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs.

From Jan 2013 it had been granted to use the hall from 1630 hrs to till 2000 hrs on Every Tuesday to come .The London borough of Sutton writes in it’s Minority community’s report that SLNGA is running social evening for all ages on every Tuesday at Alban Dobson House Morden SM4 , which is a god to be for us.

11, Remembrance Day (Poppy Day)

SLNGA observed the Poppy Day on 11th of Nov 2012 which was taken place at St. Lawrence community hall Haig Home Morden with the locals .

12, Parliament visit for elderly people (Cllr Gam)

Cllr Gam Morden Organized a visit to House of Commons in London for the people of SLNGA on the Month of Nov 2012 and available people visited..

13, Dashain Party.

SLNGA Dashain Pary held on 20th of October 2012 at Thomas community hall Sutton .

The Worshipful Mayor of Sutton borough and Merton l attended with many dignitaries . High volume of people had been turned out.

14, Deusi/Bhailo (less turnout)

Held on 10 th on Nov 2012 at St. Lawrence Weaver hall Morden . But there was a very low turnout of people in the event .So it will may be given free of hall in next year to come.

15, Ladies Teej Party (Food complain)

On 15th of Sept 2012. The food we had been served was not so well fro Gurkha Restaurant London, So many of people as experienced unsettled stomach with pain soon after eating .

16, Financial Support for member Dewan Gurung Kingston

Mr. Dewan Prasad Gurung who had been sustaining of  paralyses since  he  collapsed on last 18th of August 2012 during at  work  at Salisbury  Plain .

His Wife  Mrs Bishnu  also could not walk  without stick due to be paralysed in Nepal .

Their son Mr. Suresh  Gurung 19years  of old had to work for them instead of going to college for making both end meet. So SLNGA decided to raise some subscription for them in a way of immediate help .

We raised the fro SLNGA in a voluntary basis and handed £1150. 00 to Mr. Dewan Gurung on 12th of Nov 2012 by the members of Executive & Advisory committee.

17, Martial art class running.

It was established on July 2010 in cooperation with Master  Indra Gurung Zen Martial Art  (  Ex- Capt  1 RGR )  with a  view of  providing  a good  health care  and  quality controlled  state of art   to  all of   our  youths and volunteer   in the  community.

In the beginning there  had been a large number of  turnout of  youths  in the school   , but  later on gradually  it started   to  short fall to very few  of  students..

So on 9th of November we started to revamp so as to not let to extinction of School.

Phase :4-

South London Nepalese Association 2012/2013Agenda

Saturday 9th of March 2013

Al agendas as listed as below have been discussed thoroughly and their solution are also stipulated under the each agendas

Life Membership certificate and privilege.

The certificate will be handed in to all of the life members upon taking a life membership of SLNGA . Henceforth they are automatically to be entitled to get an instant grant of £1000.00 from the Association’s pot. This kind of immediate help will be handed in if they unfortunately come across the grave situation only. But later on this money will be refunded back to the pot of SLNGA by raising the donation from the members.

2, Deusi/Bhailo concert??? (Various reasons)

It was happened on 10th of November 2012 with a view of good cause to everybody in the association . But in spite of good management there was a very low turnout of people to had been experienced in such a traditionally inclined cultural program.

So Next year it will be hold under consideration.

Constitution review.

New amended SLNGA’s Constitutions is inserted in our Web site . Please see on the SLNGA web site and give us suggestion and constructive comments.

Ladies and Youths account merge.

The both account will be merge into SLNGA’s account, however they will still be able to get their own sum while they need it to be performed own program.

Renewal membership time frame..

ARTICLE IX -By-Laws Outline ( Please see in the Constitution on SLNGA’ s’ webpage )

Section 2:4 Renewal of Membership (Agreed on 25th February 2012 by AGM)

of SLNGA’s Treasury either by direct debit or cash at any time suitable for the member.

Account details are as follows: Name – HSBC, Sort Code – 40 33 14, account – 71496670

The renewal fee should be paid off within the one fiscal year time period which starts from the preceding AGM to the next AGM.

Youths Age Group 18-25 Ages.

AGM 9thof March 2013 discussed and reached over it’s solution which concluded the age of the youth would be considered from 18 of years to be limiting to 27 of years in our association.

7. Data Protection.

More importantly it has been brought in the meeting since last three year back to date . But it has still not to be done even at small margin. So with a consequence of that we have to lose our right upon asking for grant or help from the funder or Borough.

So we have to get along with this.

8. Dates fix for Parties;

Summer Bhela: On 1st of June 2013 at Scout hall Bow Lane Scout Centre Lower Morden LaneMordenSM4 4SJ


The first Saturday of the festival month of the year ( festival )

Dashain/ Tihar:

The first Saturday of the festival month of the year ( festival)

9. AOB floor open to all.

We are having a store room in soon but we have to contribute £300.00 in rent in a yearly basis from the Haighome Morden.

Most of AOB covered in the previously given topics .

10 . X-mass party

We can be having get together in a hotel or restaurant if the figure is raised in time . Because on 2009 there was a very low turnout of people in the party . However we have to do it as long we are dwelling in this country.

Phase 5- Open floor to raise valid issues/discussion.

Same as above: Discussed over X Mass party and concluded to same as above ( 10. X Mass party )

Phase: 6

– Dissolve exiting youth committee/ thanks giving outgoing committee by Youth president/ SLNGA president.

SLNGA ‘s youth committee has been dissolved as proclaimed by Youth president Mr. Nusar Thapa b, because it past by 2 years already.

Phase: 7-

2nd youth election process by AGM Chair Committee


But today the youth committee has not been re-established due to be very low turnout of youth in the AGM, However it will be re-established in the soon..

Phase: 8

– Welcome to New Youth’s Committee/ Oath ceremony by AGM chair Committee.


It has been postponed until the next election to be happened.

The End of Report of AGM 9th of March 2013

Attendance list of attended persons are given as below on the AGM on Saturday 9th of March 2013 at St Lawrence Weaver Hall Morden

Mr. Deb Gurung Morden ( Chairman for AGM – SLNGA 9th of March 2013)

Cllr. Gam Gurung Morden

Mr. Indraman Gurung Morden ( Advisor )

Mr. Lok Bdr Gurung Wallington ( Advisor and coordinator )

Mr.Rag Prasad Purja Morden ( Chairman )

Mr.Nujsajan Thapa Morden ( Youth Chairman )

Mr.Narayan Gurung Morden ( Vice- Chairman )

Mr. Ran Bdr Thapa Worcesterpark ( Vice – chairman )

Mr. Khum Bahadur Kanwar Sutton ( Gen Secretary )

Mr. Ser Bdr Pun Wallington ( Treasurer )

Mr. Utam Gurung Morden ( Executive – Ent )

Mr. Prem Pakhrin Cheam Sutton ( Executive Website designer SLNGA )

Mr. Thaman Sherestha Morden ( Executive member – drinks )

Mr Bishnu Suryabangshai Morden ( Executive Sport )

Mr. Khem Gurung Morden ( Executive Food )

Mr. Sanjiva Gurung Sutton ( Executive sport asst.)

Mrs . Ramlaxmi Gurung Morden ( Executive mem)

Mrs. Sushila Gurung Morden ( Excutive mem)

Mrs Sarita Thapa Morden ( Excutive mem )

Mr Deepak Hamal Morden

Mr Mechman Gurung Morden

Mrs Shanti Purja Morden

Mrs Chandra Kumari Gurung Sutton

Mrs Misri Gurung Morden

Mrs Pyari Gurung Morden

Mr Nur Thapa Morden

Mr. Sanoj Thapa Morden

Mr Ram Prasad Gurung Morden

Mr Bhim Bdr Gurung Morden

Mr Surya Bdr Gurung Morden

Mr Chunak Bdr Gurung Sutton

Mr Purna Bdr Pun Croydon

Mr.Raekkab Gurung Morden

Mr.Thaman Gurung Morden

Mr Karna Bdr Gurung Morden

Mr Siddhartha Gurung Morden

Mr Om Bdr Thapa Wallington

Mr Ram Gurung Carshalton

Mr Bisesh Gurung Morden

Mr Dhan Gurung Morden

Mr Sushil Kanwar Sutton ( Youth executive )

Mr Sanoj Thapa Morden ( Youth executive )

Mr.Jain Kunwar Sutton

Mr Padam Gurung Sutton

Mrs Hari Maya Gurung Morden

Mr Lal Janga Gurung Morden

MrJamal Kumari Gurung Morden

Mr. Ganga Thapa Chalto

Mr Thir Thapa  Morden

Mr Bhim Bdr Ghale Morden

Mr Lal Bdr Gaha Wallington

Mr Rudra Gaha New Malden

Mr Chitra Bdr Ghale Carshalton

Mr Nal Bdr Lark Hill

Mr Diwa Gurung Morde

Mr Samanta Thapa  Morden

Miss Pratikchha Thapa Morden

Miss Rashmi Purja Morden ( youth Executive )

Miss Nisha Gurung Sandhurst Camberley

Mr Tom Bahadur Morden

Mrs Chale Peg Pun Sutton

Mr Til Bahadur Thapa Morden

Mr. Roshan Thapa Morden ( youth executive )


Following Advisors and Executive members have sent their apology on to the attention of SLNGA Executive committee member for not able to attending on the meeting due to be their own important reason .

Mr. Niraj Gurung Morden – engaged at different meeting

Mr. Padam Gurung Morden Advisor ( Morden ) in Nepal

Mr. Gam Bdr Gurung – Excutive ( Family Tour in France )

Mr. Surya Bdr Gurung Morden – Executive ( duty )

Mr. Kiran Subba Carshalton – Executive engaged at different program

Mrs Sita Sherestha Morden- Excutive ( Family Tour in France)


Khum Kanwar

Gen Secretary